Anonymous → Out of SkyeWard, Philinda & FitzSimmons which one do you think stands a better chance of happening first and how do you think the one you choose should happen? In the whole enter into a proper relationship with each other on the show and going completely canon. (If ever as I honestly think all 3 are meant to be long and slow burn relationships with continuous pain and angst for all). I think Coulson and May will happen first (eventually).

Honestly? I think skyeward. FitzSimmons seems to me too one sided, and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon. As for Philinda, I think both Coulson and May have more pressing issues to deal with than getting into a relationship. Not to mention that there’s still that whole thing with Coulson and Audrey. But Skye and Ward… We know they love eachother, so there’s that. And I’m pretty sure that had things been different with Ward, they would be together right now, because that’s where they were heading before everything went to shit. And I don’t know how I want it to happen, I just… ugh I just want them both to be happy and to be in a good place, and then if things lead to a relationship, then all the better.

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Anonymous → your real name is annie?

Haha no, Annie is just a nickname. It’s Annabelle, actually.

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Anonymous → in what are you majoring in college?

English teacher. :)

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Anonymous → Do you think its possible one day we might have the AOS cast be in one of the Marvel movies via cameos or anything? I think Coulson will again eventually at one point but wouldn't it be cool if one day when he does pop back up in one of the movies he brings his team with him even if it's just briefly so fans can squeal? (And in my head this one day future dream happens long after Ward has been redeemed so he can be included). And Skye meeting The Avengers I think she'd go all out fangirl! (:

I would scream and die. And so would Skye.
I’m kinda, sorta, maybe hoping for a cameo during AOU, to be honest. We know BJ was on the set, but idk, I think that if Coulson were to show up in the movie, they would never say anything about it, so I’m not giving up hope until I see it. And if it doesn’t happen, then I’m betting it WILL in Avengers 3. Like, come on, it HAS to happen eventually. 

((also, there are rumours about the possibility of having either Barton or Romanoff show up in season two, so there’s that)) ((take it with a grain of salt, but still))

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YES, I DO. Soy de Argentina. :)

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kenzimalikov → pero fue el movieminto perfecto para skyeward tambien so the "boring and predictable" ship segun haters became the most interesting, painful ship que tambien odian los haters pero yolo, cuando vuelvan a estar juntos va a tener muchisimo mas significado despues de todo esto :D

gdi Hope lemme translate it because it’s important, okay

"It was the perfect move for skyeward because the boring and predictable ship (according to the haters) became the most interesting, painful ship. So when they do get back together, it will be even more meaningful after all this."

[weeps openly]

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